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Cute characters!
Growing math skills!


'Catch Block!' is a collaboration between Woongjin ThinkBig and TheJaemi, It is an educational game for children that combines action games with AI math learning.


Defeat the monsters and
Claim the Treasure!

You've arrived at a mysterious temple in search of treasure!
However, the treasure isn't the only thing waiting for you...

You have to defeat endless monsters to get the treasure!
Will you be able to survive the monsters as they grow stronger and stronger?
Become an explorer with unique abilities to overcome the crisis and claim the treasure!


Math study and Game All at once!


Number blocks and combiners appear during the game.
In single mode, if you put a number block, you get as many blocks as the number added.
​In multi mode, you have to solve the problem by combining the given problem with the provided blocks.


Players choose their levels, and Woongjin Mathpid's AI provides problems accordingly. The AI will gradually increase the difficulty according to the player's correct answer rate.


This gives children the opportunity to learn on their own.
You can study math without getting bored by playing games and learning together.


single/multi mode

single mode

Mode to play alone.
It starts with 1 wave, and if you hold on to 20 waves, it's clear!
& unlock next difficulty
​You can check your skills by solving problems on your own.

multi mode

A two-player mode.
If you complete the formula to fit the given problem,

the problem is cleared!
You can develop a sense of cooperation by solving problems with your friends.

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