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Youth Protection Policy

THEJAMI Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) implements the Youth Protection Policy in accordance with relevant laws to protect youth from various harmful information and to help youth use the Internet in a healthy manner.


1. Measures to support healthy game use

The Company implements management measures to provide services suitable for youth.

1) Real name and age verification and identity authentication

In order to prevent youth from using games that do not meet the age rating or being exposed to youth-unfriendly media, the Company shall go through identification procedures such as real name, age verification, and identity verification when providing game services and other services that require age verification.

2) Obtaining consent from legal representatives

The consent of a legal representative is required to use the game. The consent of a legal representative can be obtained by authenticating the legal representative's i-pin or the guardian's mobile phone.

3) Blocking unhealthy language

The Company operates a filtering system to protect youth from unhealthy language such as swearing and profanity, and establishes and implements a sanction policy for users who use unhealthy language.

4) Monitoring of harmful information for youth

The company implements 24-hour monitoring to protect youth from unhealthy information.

5) Posting cautionary statements to prevent prolonged game use

The Company posts warnings on game screens to prevent prolonged game use.

6) Game time selection system

The legal representative of the youth can access the website and manage the play time of the youth account with the consent of the legal representative.

2. Implementation of Training for Workers for Youth Protection

The Company provides training on matters related to youth protection to those in charge of youth protection work and those in charge of each service.

3. Consultation and Grievance Handling for Harmful Information

The Company makes every effort to protect youth from harmful information. The Company provides a window for consultation and grievance handling due to harmful information, collecting opinions on youth protection, and handling complaints.

4. Designation of Youth Protection Officer

The Company designates a person in charge of youth protection to protect youth from harmful information on the information and communication network.

[Youth Protection Officer]

 Name: Kwak Seung-jae

 Affiliation: Operation Team

 Position: Representative

 Telephone number: 1577-4783


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