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Spine Animator  SPINE ANIMATOR

the main task

  • Animation of new and existing projects

  • Art resource creation within the team (Spine, Unity)

  • Create overall game artwork, apply resources using Unity


  • Those who can work with Spine 2D animation

  • Positive and responsible person

  • Good collaboration and communication skills

  • Those who have a good understanding of various tools

  • Those who like mobile casual games and have played a lot

preferential treatment

  • Experience in game development

  • Familiarity with Unity and Spine Tools

  • Those who have experience working with UI, original painting, and effects in other fields of game development

  • Those who work fast

  • Those who enjoy mobile games and are interested in directing and artwork

How to apply

After writing your resume, career description, self-introduction, and portfolio

Submit to

* Portfolio submission is required.

- Please be careful not to include sensitive personal information (resident registration number, etc.) in the application form.

- For other recruitment related inquiries, please contact Thejaemi Recruitment Manager (

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