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Mobile system planning GAME DESIGNER

the main task

  • New Character: Legend Dino's new dinosaur concept creation, skill design and data creation

  • Game sound management: game BGM and sound effect management, list of sound effects that will improve game quality

  • Operation and Events: Creating and managing events in-game

  • QA and Test: Test new functions when updating, improve functions in existing games, and list items that need to be corrected

preferential treatment

  • Extensive understanding of the game (experienced with character-collecting RPGs)

  • Proficient in using MS Office

  • smooth communication function

  • Collaborative Experience

  • A meticulous personality

How to apply

After writing resume, career description, and self-introduction

Submit to

- Please be careful not to include sensitive personal information (resident registration number, etc.) in the application form.

- For other recruitment related inquiries, please contact Thejaemi Recruitment Manager (

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