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Mobile game planningGAME DESIGNER

the main task

  • Overall planning tasks: planning new contents, planning new characters, managing data tables, writing planning documents, etc.

  • Game operation business: management and operation of previously released games, event planning, etc.

auxiliary work

auxiliary work

auxiliary work

  • QA task: quality check for update content and system, etc.

  • Game improvement work: Game improvement plan through analysis and research of operating game indicators, etc.

  • Marketing planning work: marketing interlocking game planning idea proposal, product proposal, etc.


  • Understanding the game system

  • well-founded planning

  • smooth communication

preferential treatment

  • Proficient in using MS Office

  • Data table management experience

  • Collaborative Experience

How to apply

After writing resume, career description, and self-introduction

Submit to

- Please be careful not to include sensitive personal information (resident registration number, etc.) in the application form.

- For other recruitment related inquiries, please contact Thejaemi Recruitment Manager (

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